Our Goal: Together on the road to 100% circular

We make new products such as coasters and vinyl clocks from recycled raw materials! And not only that, we want to take this recycling project to a higher level together with you. We also want to make all our products, made from recycled material, 100% circular, isn't it cool! In addition, a nice video explains circular products. Realizing this goal is quite a challenge, but the team at Yesterday's Vinyl loves that! As a producer alone we will not achieve the goal, but together we will come full circle! Will you help too?


Climate Change - We are the problem & the solution

The national government is striving for a completely circular economy by 2050. According to experts, in ten years we will need half as many primary raw materials as we do now. A daring ambition and at the same time a great challenge to which we are happy to contribute. With our project we want to inspire other entrepreneurs to roll up their sleeves and also opt for circular solutions. In 2050, every company will only produce circularly via a joint route. Yesterday's Vinyl is happy to lead the way and invites everyone to participate!

Yesterday's Vinyl in the picture

Visiting the Dutch King!

King Willem Alexander visiting the Circular Craft Center at the thrift shop La Poubelle.

Points of sale

We now have various points of sale for our products, such as LP stores, music stores, garden centers, home furnishings stores, thrift stores and various online providers.

The Evening Clock

The government "Evening Clock" has now been lifted, but with this Vinyl evening clock, you'll always be on time!

Cooperation BKN

We recently entered into an important partnership with the trade association for thrift shops in the Netherlands, where we together ensure that "worn" LPs get a new destination.


From waste to new product

Do you have records that you no longer use at all? Don't throw these away, but donate them to the vinyl recycle project! Our team is only too happy with that, because in this way the vinyl gets a new life. We have vinyl donation points throughout the Netherlands, from Groningen to Maastricht.
You can hand in your worn LPs here and you can also see the products that we have made from the worn LPs. If you have large quantities of vinyl, please contact us directly and we will look for a suitable solution together. Do you want to read more about donating vinyl, then click here!
Worldwide, raw material stocks are becoming depleted, resulting in an economic and ecological problem. As musical entrepreneurs with a green vision, we are motivated to spread our main goal worldwide: to produce 100% waste-free products. Yesterday's Vinyl is committed to making an impact on consumers and businesses. We want to show that sustainable business can be simple. In this way we hope to inspire important players to follow our model. A clean and waste-free society is only possible through mass and circular production. We are happy to take the lead together with you.
Circular production requires a lot of cooperation. The role of the consumer in this is small, but the impact is enormous. For example, we depend on old LP donations and returned worn Yesterday's Vinyl products. This is the only way to complete the circular circle. Our team pulls out all the stops to achieve this goal. Various thrift shops and private individuals support us in this. In addition to the circular goal, we have a second mission: to inspire people and companies. With our circular guitar picks we show that sustainable entrepreneurship is accessible. Start small, think big. You will notice that there are many like-minded people who aspire to a greener future just like you. We are happy to lend those people a hand. We also see great opportunities in education.
If it is up to the government, our economy will be circular in thirty years' time. This high ambition starts with ourselves. We take our responsibility and sell sustainable products. The penny of realization that a large supply of circular products is required before consumer demand arises has not yet fallen everywhere. That is why the Yesterday's Vinyl team invests time, energy and money in innovation and scaling up. The bigger we get, the less resources are wasted. The consumer keeps our business going. Not only by selling, but especially by donating LPs and worn Yesterday's Vinyl products. We never thought it possible that such a high level of enthusiasm would arise from our recycling project. Hopefully we will keep this positive energy together for years to come.
Yesterday's Vinyl has exploded. The team is working overtime and our phone is red hot. Thanks to consumers and cooperating companies, we recycle thousands of worn-out records every day and sell products made from recycled vinyl every day. The more we produce, the less waste is created. Growth makes innovation and upscaling possible. During this process, we motivate others to produce circularly as well. By 2050, every company will only produce circularly via a joint route. Yesterday's Vinyl is happy to lead the way and invites everyone to participate. We see ourselves as a source of inspiration that is only too happy to lead by example. On the other hand, we are also open to honest feedback and improvements. These ingredients help us influence a sustainable world.
Playing guitar with our picks or do you have our vinyl coasters on the table? Then you contribute to the realization of a circular economy! How cool is that? Your impact is greater than you may think. In addition to purchasing our product, we ask everyone to send worn LPs. So do you still have an old box of records or do you know someone who wants to get rid of them? Then donate them to the recycling project. We are eternally grateful to you! Want to exert even more impact? You can do that by sharing your story. Show on social media that you choose products made from recycled raw materials and inspire others to choose sustainable too. We rely on everyone's responsibility to achieve a waste-free future.